Endret: 23 feb 2020     Opprettet: 22 des 2017

Caretaker Services

Mr.Tommy Ihlen is our Caretaker Manager

Tommy will in principle be present every day, but 25% of the time is his own and for taking authorized vacation.

There is a separate link in the Norwegian text with an overview of his work schedule.


Section owners and residents may not instruct Tommy Ihlen  to perform various tasks. However, the Caretaker Manager wishes to be informed about areas wich are in need of maintenance or repair.


In case of critical events such as elevator problems, garage doors which do not close/open, damage to common property, security issues and the like:

Kindly without delay contact the manager of caretaker services Mr.  Tommy Ihlen:  mobile 90509005

E-mail: <vaktmester@marienlyst-park.no>

You can also post no priority messages in the mailbox at the garage exits.


The board of our housing community should be contacted in case of complaints and about new tasks/projects that should/must be initiated and which will entail costs: <post@marienlyst-park.no>.